Brian Kanof Biography


Brian Kanof Biography Brian Kanof has a BA (UTEP) and an MA (Ball State) in Journalism and has taught Photography, Photojournalism, Video, Advertising and Public Relations at several colleges and universities. In 1985 he established Brian Kanof Photography and expanded into Commercial, Architectural and Aerial Photography.

The Beginning

He learned his photography from Mauro Cotta, one of the original 1960ís La Dolce Vita Paparazzi, in Rome. Cotta instilled his work ethic and photo philosophy in Kanof: "The camera does not know the difference. Only you know. When the telephone rings, the answer is always yes. If you don't know, study and learn."

Career Accomplishments

Brian Kanof is a career photojournalist and is a member of PAPA (Professional Aerial Photographers Assn. International). He was the Official Photographer of the Sun Bowl Association since 1967, and has been inducted into the El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame (Photojournalist). He also has over 30 album/CD covers to his credit.


Major Brian N. Kanof is a retired Army Officer and Disabled Veteran. He spent his last seven years in the Army Reserve as a Green Beret and is active in numerous Veteran's organizations.

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