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What is industrial photography?

Industrial photography is a special brand of photography that is used to take pictures of an industrial plant, for example, either while in operation or not. It might also include pictures of the employees while they are working, various processes that are taking place at the time, and the machinery while in operation or still.

An industrial photographer often works with industrial entities that need to document their unique operations in the form of clear and resolute images. It could be a little dangerous at times, so an industrial photographer might be escorted around a plant facility by a supervisor. Otherwise, the photgrapher might have enough experience and knowledge of the plant perimeter to go it alone.

Altogether, industrial photography can be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing, community awareness, documentaries, and process documentation. Industrial photography of facilities also appear alive at night with perimeter lights, power sources, sparks, steam, moving vehicles, and the possibility of a full moon in the background.

El Paso Refinery

El Paso Refinery is operated by the Marathon Petroleum Corp (MPC), a downstream energy company that refines, markets and transports petroleum products. The El Paso refinery location was originally two facilities that were built by Chevron (1928), and Texaco (1931). In 1993, operations of both sites were modernized and combined. Currently, the refinery uses various methods to process sweet and sour crudes into gasoline, distillates, heavy fuel oil, asphalt and propane. Products are delivered from the El Paso refinery by truck, rail, and pipeline with a crude oil refining capacity of approximately 133,000 barrels per calendar day. Throughout the years, Marathon Petroleum has been actively involved in efforts to promote the El Paso area by providing investment funds, awarding grants, creating partnerships, and raising funds for a multitude of good causes. Read more..

El Paso Refinery

El Paso Refinery

El Paso Refinery

El Paso Refinery

ASARCO Arizona

ASARCO Arizona

Brian Kanof is a disabled veteran and a member of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). As a career photojournalist, he has accepted a wide array of assignments and requests throughout the years.

Brian is also a member of the Professional Aerial Photographers Association - International (PAPA).


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